If you have a child in elementary school, you may already be familiar with SpellingCity, a web site that uses a game-based approach to reinforcing literacy skills. Teachers submit their spelling lists to the site each week, and then students can look up, access, and practice those spelling words through games such as Hang Mouse, SpeedySpeller, and … Continue reading

Monster Math

Looking for a new way to engage your child in math? Try the Sushi Monster app by Scholastic, a game-based learning approach for promoting math fluency. Your child can practice addition and multiplication by serving up plates of sushi to the Sushi Monster. Serious fun for serious learning. And best of all, it’s free – … Continue reading


Looking for a kid-safe, parent-approved e-mail solution for your child? Check out Maily, an iPad app intended for ages 4+ that gives your child the ability to e-mail family and friends in a completely safe environment. You as the parent are the moderator, so you get to set up the contacts to which  your child … Continue reading

National Punctuation Day

September 24th is National Punctuation Day! No, I’m not kidding; and “there’s an app for that” – at least for grammar and punctuation. The popular Grammar Girl web site, used by many a high school and college student, now has an app available for your iPhone or iPad ($1.99). It’s very similar to the web … Continue reading

Have You Google Earthed Today?

If you aren’t familiar with Google Earth, it’s a download that allows you to view satellite imagery of Earth “from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.” Pretty cool, but the Google Earth app (especially for tablets) is even cooler. You can spin the world on its axis, zoom in, zoom out, … Continue reading

PBS on the Go

I love PBS…American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, Masterpiece, Nature, Nova, and I could go on. And to my veritable delight I discovered the PBS for iPad app! If you enjoy PBS as much as I do, you can watch full-length episodes of your favorite PBS primetime programs anytime and anywhere you want. And for the young … Continue reading

Cooking with Kids

Over the weekend, I discovered a fun app called Big Fork Little Fork. Sponsored by Kraft, this app includes recipes, videos, and educational games that promote nutrition. The recipes and videos are kid-friendly and kitchen-friendly, and the games are just plain fun. And it’s all free! Keep in mind that the recipes call for Kraft … Continue reading

International Dot Day

 September 15th is International Dot Day. What is that you ask? It is a day to encourage creativity in students, and was inspired by the children’s book The Dot by Peter H. Reynold. And I know the perfect app to celebrate creativity! It’s Flipboom Lite by Toon Boom Animation, Inc. Available for both iPad and … Continue reading

What’s Up Congress?

Ever wonder what’s really happening on a daily basis in Washington D.C.? It’s all in the Congressional Record, which publishes the daily actions of House and Senate legislative proceedings (so exciting, I know!). And now the Congressional Record has a free app for your downloading pleasure! Kidding aside, this is a great app for high school … Continue reading