Looking for a kid-safe, parent-approved e-mail solution for your child? Check out Maily, an iPad app intended for ages 4+ that gives your child the ability to e-mail family and friends in a completely safe environment. You as the parent are the moderator, so you get to set up the contacts to which  your child can send e-mails. You also receive a copy of every e-mail sent to or from your child, and you get to approve or reject e-mails going to your child. This app is not only completely safe (which is great considering some of the spam out there), but it’s also fun. Your child can use his or her artistic skills to paint, write, take photos, use backgrounds and stamps, and more to create visually-based e-mails. I love this app, and set up an account for my 9-year old daughter. She loves it because she finally has “her very own e-mail.” And as an educational technology tool, this app really hits on Creativity and Communication, 2 of the 4C’s of 21st century skills.


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